a wooden hairbrush with the brush part removed

red wax candles 

piece of paper

sage (dried, loose)

small bowl for burning sage

thin candle to keep other candles lit

meaningful talisman/jewel/small stone to press into the wax

if you have a cat, one peanut or walnut in its shell.
Place sage in the candle holder, setting your intention by repeating the phrases : 
« I move all negative thoughts into their grave »

« I release myself into the care of myself »
alternate these sentences as you see fit, speak them or whisper them or sing them, but make sure you say them out loud. you can use your own phrases, of course.
when the sage has a nice flame, use the lighter candle to light all the red candles (i had tealights)
once these candles are lit, take to the piece of paper and write all the good things you like about yourself. be creative and searching. small things absolutely count. goals count. no caveats. 
give your cat a peanut or walnut in its shell to play with so he doesn’t try to jump into the flames. supposedly peanut is for masculin prosperity while walnut is gender neutral but we are kind of a genderfuck household …… so, whatever. The peanut is for everyone . 
now take the hairbrush, and hold it over the sage smoke for a while to infuse the wood with all that strength and positivity. 
now fold the note to yourself small enough to fit in the head of the brush. place it in and begin to pour red wax over it to seal these thoughts in your mind. oh yeah it might be helpful to take a picture of the note you write so you can refer to it later in case you forget what you wrote.
This will take a long time, and many rounds of pouring wa, and you might get a little bit burned. self care is messy and sometimes actually hurts a bit, and it takes a long time to recover. it’s okay. be patient and maybe hum to yourself as you pour the wax, or recite your mantras. 
Once all the wax is poured in and the note is covered, press in your talisman and pour a little wax around it too to seal it in the wax. I used a watch that doesn’t work, and I set both hands on the 12. I read that as « I am meeting myself in the middle », which I think is an important part of self care. how much are you actually capable of right now? don’t do more than you can in any given moment. Place the hairbrush in the place where you do your morning routine, so you will see it and be reminded daily to love yourself. keep the sage in its bowl if there is any left over, and burn it throughout the week to permeate and purify the whole space, and to keep those negative thoughts at bay during the first week of recovery because man they will want to creep back up.
Good job. Now go listen to Sade and play with your cat and fall asleep slowly. Do a face mask. Don’t watch tv or read as it will interfere with the energy. Just do something calm and quiet, interacting with the natural world, being in your body and not in the cyberverse. You are a human. We are all humans. Humans all have spectrums of problems, but love is at our core. Wish yourself goodnight before you sleep. Maybe kiss the top of your own hand. This is the beginning of a lifelong courtship. 

Inspocred: the copper witch 


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